Monday, 18 May 2015

Cunningham Mutual Insight Report: Philanthropy

Cunningham Mutual ( the addition of a new market research report: Philanthropy

The philanthropy market has been of much discussion between high net worth individuals (HNWI’s) and wealth advisers. With tax benefits being key reasons in the past for philanthropic giving, this has been found to seriously undermine the donor in a number of ways.
With a history of philanthropic involvement and a well established market, the US and Europe make up 60% of the HNWI’s around the globe. It should be noted, however, that emerging economies such as China and India also account for a considerable number of HNWI’s who are primarily focused on accumulating wealth, rather than charitable donation. Other notable regional patterns include those of Latin American and African nation whom are significantly reliant on the church or the government for the development of their socio- economic status. However, this scenario has been changing rapidly since the beginning of the century.
The report provides market analysis and insights, including:
·         In-depth analysis of the philanthropic sector and the opportunities and challenges it holds for wealth management firms
·         Detailed analysis of key causes that attract the attention of HNWIs for philanthropic contributions
·         Detailed analysis of key and emerging trends in the philanthropic sector
·         Insights into the philanthropic giving patterns of HNWIs across regions
·         Case studies of private banks and wealth managers that are successfully challenging the sector’s dynamics
Reasons to have
·         Take strategic business decisions using information on the involvement of HNWIs in philanthropic activities across different regions.
·         Understand the factors that affect HNWIs' philanthropic decision-making processes.
·         Understand current strategic offerings of wealth management firms to attract HNWI philanthropists.
·         Understand the role played by charitable organizations and giving vehicles in the philanthropy sector.

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